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Training Courses

carpet dyeing courses One of our courses at the Museum of Carpets in Kidderminster, UK

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Our hands-on, practical courses will help you do just that!


One to one or classroom based, our courses will teach you how to dye carpets, correct bleach spots, remove stubborn stains like turmeric, irn bru and so on, do colour restoration, or repair and restore oriental rugs. 


Furthermore, once you pass the assessment you can become a WoolSafe Approved Colour Restorer (* Color if you are US based), or WoolSafe Approved Rug Repairer. 

Steve Bakker of WoolSafe Academy





Brio Carpet Care has teamed up with WoolSafe Academy to bring you a series of exciting new training courses which will take your business to the next level!

Carpet Dyeing, Colour Repair and Rug Restoration Training Courses


Carpet Dyeing and Colour Repair



Become a WoolSafe Approved Colour Restorer:


  • Learn how to dye carpets and rugs
  • Learn how to remove stubborn stains like turmeric, irn bru, pet stains, etc
  • Learn how to correct bleach spots
  • Learn how to restore faded carpet and rug colours

Sisal Stain Removal And Colour Repair


A brand new, unique, sisal carpet dedicated course:


  • Learn how to remove stains from sisal carpets


  • Learn how to spot dye sisal


  • Sisal, jute, seagrass, hemp advanced stain removal and colour repair

Rug Repair and Restoration


A unique opportunity to learn how to:


  • Repair rug fringes


  • Reinsert new rug fringes


  • Repair rug sidecords

  • Resize hand-made rugs

  • Reknot, reweave and fix any rug damage
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