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Rug care tips | How to look after your handmade rugs




10 tips to keep your rugs in top condition




Did you know there are a few simple steps one could take to extend the life of handmade oriental or persian rugs


Here is a rug care guide we put together to help you keep any handmade rug in top shape:


  • Vacuum the rug regularly

Often overlooked, regular vacuuming will prevent dirt build up deep down the rug pile. Hand-knotted rugs are incredibly good at hiding dirt but whenever you step on it these grit particles rub against the fibres, leading to premature wear and tear. 

For the best results use an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar.


  • Rotate the rug regularly to ensure even wear

Stepping on the same place on a rug over and over again will eventually lead to wear and tear in these places. Turn the rug occasionally to ensure the rug wears evenly.


  •  Place the rug on an underlay

The underlay will prevent the rug from sliding on a hard floor or even carpet and prevent fibre distortion, particularly on an uneven floor.


  • Shake the rug outside

Do you remember your grandmother beating the rugs outside? We do! Although we don't recommend beating a frail antique rug, a good shake will get rid of any dust the vacuum cleaner did not pick up.


  • Turn the rug face down and vacuum the back

This is the best rug care tip of them all: turn the rug face down on a hard floor and using an upright vacuum with a beater bar, repeatedly vacuum the back. Ideally, if your vacuum allows it, turn the suction off. 

The idea is to gently vibrate the rug back to dislodge any dirt from deep down the pile. The gravity will do the rest and you should see a lot of dust on the hard floor. 

Sweep the floor, vacuum the rug face and repeat until the rug is dust free.


  • Keep the rug away from damp

Oriental rugs are made of natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk and often a combination of them. All natural fibres are prone to rotting in damp conditions.


  • Keep the rug away from excessive heat

Placing a nice rug in front of the fireplace might seem like a good idea, but the heat will dry the fibre's natural oils


  • Keep the rug away from direct sunlight 

Placing the rug in direct sunlight will slowly but surely cause UV discolouration or colour fading.


  • Protect your rug from moths

This might sound easier said than done, but there are a few simple steps you could take to prevent a moth infestation. 


Moths prefer dark, undisturbed places. Having your rug in the centre of a well lit room and avoiding placing large furniture on it might help prevent moths from damaging your rug.

If you suspect your rug might be moth infested get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are certified for rug moth treatment and rug mothproofing. 


Things to look for :

- pile loss

- adult moths (the adult moth will not damage a rug, it is the moth larvae who actually eat the wool but of course, an adult female moth will look for a place to lay her eggs and as a food source, an oriental rug is one of their favourites)

- moth larvae - they look like tiny maggots

- moth eggs - tiny ivory dots the size of a pin-head 


  • Have the rug professionally cleaned

The best thing you can do for your handmade rug is to have it professionally cleaned. And by that, we don't mean asking your local carpet cleaner to go over the rug (this could lead to a dye bleeding disaster) but contacting a professional rug cleaner who has the right facilities for immersion rug cleaning, the most thorough and recommended way to clean a rug






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