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Brio Carpet Care is a specialist rug and carpet care and colour repair company based in Hampshire, offering dye bleed correction,  stubborn stain removal, carpet dyeing, and bleach spot repair.


A family-run local company, Brio Carpet Care is an Advanced Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), WoolSafe Approved, Textile Pro Certified, CleanSeal Approved, and Government Endorsed (TrustMark).






  • We are covered by specialist insurance (public liability, treatment risk for any item we work upon and goods in our care), have years of experience in fine carpet cleaning care and have had extensive training with the NCCA, WoolSafe, Textile Pro Network, and other leading fibre care organizations.


  • We use several carpet stain removal methods from the usual spillages of tea, wine or coffee to complex fugitive dye removal on hand made Oriental rugs.


  • Based just outside Winchester, Hampshire, our professional carpet and rug stain removal services cover Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and the surrounding areas.





Commercial carpet cleaning


Designed with businesses in mind, our low moisture commercial carpet cleaning services can be provided outside working hours and will leave the carpets clean, dry, and ready to be used. This is particularly convenient for pubs and restaurants, nurseries and schools, care homes, theatres and cinemas, hotels, doctors' surgery, and offices.


Domestic carpet cleaning


Our seven steps carpet cleaning service is the most thorough carpet cleaning system available, designed for the deepest clean to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 


We can also provide a low or very low moisture carpet clean for carpets made out of natural fibres that don't tolerate the hot water extraction system. This is particularly suitable for jute, sisal or seagrass carpets.



Our Carpet cleaning in 7 steps:


Carpet surveying ​


Be it commercial or domestic carpet cleaning, the first step we take is to survey the carpet, to determine what type of fibre it is made of. Based on this we can choose the right cleaning method suitable for you. At the same time, we check for stains and advise on treatment and possible results. The survey is free of charge and takes 10 minutes or less.


Carpet vacuuming


We use a powerful twin motor commercial vacuum cleaner to maximize dirt and dust extraction from the carpet pile. Powered by its own motor, the vacuum cleaner's brush lifts up and untangles the carpet pile at the same time. In most cases (fibre permitting) we use the hot water extraction system (also known as steam cleaning) for the deepest carpet clean, so we aim to extract as much dry dirt, dust, and debris as possible through thorough multi-directional vacuuming before proceeding to the next step.  


Stain treatment


We inspect and treat each stain with an appropriate solution to maximize the chances of complete stain removal 


Carpet pre-spraying and agitation​


The entire carpet is being sprayed with a WoolSafe cleaning solution to separate the dirt from carpet fibres. The pre-spray is then agitated with a powerful counter-rotating brush or rotary to remove all dirt.




We use a top of the range professional carpet cleaning machine called The Enforcer. This is the most efficient carpet extractor, British made in Sittingbourne by a specialist company called Ashbys. The Enforcer operates at high pressure and has a dual 3 stage vacuum motor. It injects a rinsing solution deep into the pile to dislodge the dirt, then sucks it back with the powerful vacuum motor, leaving the carpet fresh, dirt-free and only slightly damp.


Carpet grooming and drying​


After the clean, we manually brush the carpet to realign the pile and use air movers to speed up the drying process. A wool carpet usually dries within 4 hours, while a synthetic carpet is dry within a couple of hours. 


Optional treatment​s


Carpet stain protection

Antistatic treatment

Moth infestation treatment

Antibacterial and antiviral treatment



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Why choose Brio Carpet Care?



Brio Carpet Care is a WoolSafe Certified Trainer


  • We teach several courses from Colour Repair and Dyeing, to Rug Repair and Restoration



Brio Carpet Care is a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider

  • Our WoolSafe Membership Number is E119 347

What does this mean?

  • We have been offering High-quality Oriental and Persian rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services for a continuous period of at least 5 years
  • We have successfully completed the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training course and passed the exam
  • We only use WoolSafe Approved solutions when cleaning and maintaining wool carpets and rugs



Brio Carpet Care is TrustMark registered - the UK Government Endorsed Quality Scheme.


What does this mean?

  • Good trading practices, Technical competence and Good customer services





Brio Carpet Care is an Advanced Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association

  • The NCCA is the only nationally recognized body dedicated to carpet and rug cleaning
  • We have comprehensive insurance covering all surfaces we work upon
  • We've had extensive professional training and have passed their rigorous examinations
  • We follow the NCCA code of practice.



Brio Carpet Care is a CleanSeal Approved Service Provider

  • The CleanSeal certification is a testing and accreditation programme for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets, rugs and other interior textiles made from synthetic fibres  



Brio Carpet Care is one of only a handful of Textile Pro Certified companies in the UK. 


What does this mean?

  • Brio Carpet Care has been through an intensive 6 months training program on oriental rug care with the prestigious US Textile Pro Network 



Brio Carpet Care is a WoolSafe Approved Fibre Care Specialist


  • Our WoolSafe Membership Number is E119 347
  • This means that we have successfully completed the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training course and passed the WoolSafe rigurous examination.


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