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Gabriel Andreca of Brio Carpet Care Gabriel Andreca doing a colour repair workshop

Brio Carpet Care stands out as a small family-owned business and is recognized as one of the leading fibre care companies in the UK. 


Having initially started as a carpet cleaner, Gabriel Andreca quickly developed a passion for handmade rugs and colour repairs. After completing numerous carpet and rug care courses in the UK, he became one of a handful US Textile Pro Certified specialists in the country. He dedicated several weeks in Turkey to master the art of Rug Repair and Restoration, returning with these refined skills to the benefit of our customers.


Gabriel has developed the Brio Dyes – acid dyes specifically formulated to make rug and carpet bleach spot repairs easier, and has also put together a set of dyes for sisal and seagrass colour repairs. He is currently working on a set of natural dyes.

Last year, the Brio Dyes were thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory and became the first WoolSafe Approved dyes for professional carpet and rug dyeing and colour repairs.


Having teamed up with the prestigious WoolSafe Academy, Gabriel is now a certified trainer and teaches courses on Carpet Dyeing and Colour Repair, Sisal Stain Removal and Colour Restoration, Essential Rug Repairs and Advanced Rug Restoration around the world, with trainees spread across the UK, Europe, Australia and USA. 


Brio Carpet Care collaborates with renowned carpet manufacturers and interior designers, providing services to upscale clientele in Mayfair London and throughout the UK.




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Tel: 07564 010847 or 01962 458428

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