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  • The Art of Carpet Dyeing and Colour Repair



Today is more or less 5 years since I have dyed my first carpet.


Having realized the potential of carpet dyeing, I've taken a 3 days carpet dyeing course and excitedly got back to my workshop to practice.


The results were mixed, mainly due to lack of experience, but at the same time I've identified the need of having better dyes.




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  • My rug repair trip to Ankara, Turkey


The taxi driver takes a motorway exit towards Istanbul. I have asked him to take me to an address in Ankara... I want to say something but I don’t speak any Turkish, so I ask him in English. He looks at me, shrugs his shoulders, and continues to drive.



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  • 10 Myths about carpet dyeing



Here are 10 of the most common misconceptions about carpet dyeing:


     1. Any carpet can be dyed


Only wool and nylon carpets can be dyed. Polyester and polypropylene fibres don't have dye pockets so they cannot be dyed in the conventional way.


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  • How to clean a rug | What is the best rug cleaning process?



The most popular rug cleaning methods are full immersion (or submersion), dry compund cleaning and surface cleaning .

What is the difference? Let's take a look at each process and see:


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  • Which rug cleaners | How to choose the right carpet and rug cleaners


Unfortunately, the UK Persian carpet and oriental rug cleaning industry is not regulated, which means there is no minimum requirement to become an Oriental carpet or area rug cleaner. 



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  • Rug Care tips | How to look after your handmade Persian, Oriental and Contemporary rugs


Did you know there are a few simple steps one could take to extend the life of handmade oriental or persian rugs

Here is a list of rug care tips we put together to help you keep any handmade rug in top shape



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