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Brio Carpet Care provides fine area rug cleaning, care and repair services for Persian, Oriental, and Contemporary rugs throughout Hampshire UK.


All area rugs are meticulously cleaned and repaired offsite at our specialized rug cleaning facility in Hampshire. For your convenience, we provide complimentary rug collection and delivery services throughout Hampshire and the neighboring areas.


In our dedicated rug cleaning workshop, we thoroughly dust the rugs using either a mechanical rug duster or compressed air and often a combination of the two methods, to extract all dry soils and dust prior to the chosen cleaning process.


Depending on the type of rug, fibres, dyes, and age we would then use one of the following rug cleaning methods: dry cleaning, low moisture cleaning or full immersion rug cleaning.


Brio Carpet Care specializes in both antiques and contemporary wool and silk rug cleaning, as well as modern fibres like viscose, Tencel, or art silk.



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  • A family-run local company in Hampshire, Brio Carpet Care is an Advanced Member of the NCCA, WoolSafe Approved, US Textile Pro Certified, CleanSeal Approved, and Government Endorsed (TrustMark Approved).


  • We offer free no contact rug collection and delivery from your doorstep throughout Hampshire. We don't use a courier service, we personally collect and deliver your rugs


  • All rugs are insured whilst in our care


  • We clean, repair, and dye. All our rug repairs are done by hand with matching fibres and colours.






Our full immersion rug cleaning process in 9 steps 


  • Assessment & testing

Our rug cleaning process begins with a thorough assessment to determine the type of rug (hand-knotted or machine-made), fibre type (natural like wool, cotton, silk, jute viscose etc or man-made like nylon, polypropylene, etc), known stains or problem areas. We also test for dye stability to assess the risk of colour run. Based on all this information, we decide on the most appropriate rug cleaning method 


  • Rug dusting

Often overlooked, dusting is a vital step in the rug cleaning process. Natural rug fibres are great at hiding dirt, grit and dust particles. We remove them before starting the wet cleaning process by placing the rugs face down onto dusting grids and gently beating the back with a dedicated mechanical machine. This thorough dusting procedure removes all foreign particles from deep down the rug pile.  


  • Rug washing

The dust-free rugs are taken to the wash floor where they are immersed in a rug cleaning solution and cleaned with a gentle brush on a rotary rug cleaning machine and then thoroughly flushed and rinsed.


  • Fringe cleaning

Often made of cotton, oriental rug fringes are in fact an integral part of the rug, a continuation of the rug warps.

The rug cleaning process wouldn't be complete without giving the fringes the much-needed attention. Often fragile, we clean them by hand with an individually tailored cleaning solution for the best results. 


  • Rug drying

All Persian and Oriental rugs are made of natural fibres like wool, cotton, or silk and very often a combination of them. Like for example wool pile on cotton warps.

Because of their nature, these fibres are very absorbent, so professional equipment and special conditions are needed to dry the rugs in optimal time. Leaving a rug too wet for too long could lead to problems like cellulosic browning of the cotton warps and fringes, colour run or dye bleed, and so on.

We extract up to 95% of the water from rugs before hanging them in our dedicated drying room.

The rug drying room is equipped with industrial dehumidifiers and fans to continuously circulate dry air around the rugs to complete the drying process in just a few hours.


  • Advanced stain removal

While the wash floor provides the most comprehensive rug cleaning, some stains may require advanced stain removal techniques to maximize the likelihood of complete stain elimination.



  • Moth treatment

Moths are one of the most fierce Oriental and Persian rug enemies, as the moths' larvae feed on the wool rug pile permanently damaging the rugs. We now offer an optional mothproofing treatment for all hand-made rugs we clean 


  • Air dusting and grooming

By this stage, the rugs are clean and dry, but because we like to do things properly we put the rugs through an additional light air dusting process to remove any potential dust particles from the rugs and do a final pile grooming before packing them ready for delivery


  • Rug packing and delivering

All rugs are inspected, rolled up and wrapped in a breathable rug sleeve, ready for transportation.






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Why choose Brio Carpet Care?



Brio Carpet Care is a WoolSafe Certified Trainer


  • We teach several courses from Colour Repair and Dyeing, to Rug Repair and Restoration



Brio Carpet Care is a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider

  • Our WoolSafe Membership Number is E119 347

What does this mean?

  • We have been offering High-quality Oriental and Persian rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services for a continuous period of at least 5 years
  • We have successfully completed the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training course and passed the exam
  • We only use WoolSafe Approved solutions when cleaning and maintaining wool carpets and rugs



Brio Carpet Care is TrustMark registered - the UK Government Endorsed Quality Scheme.


What does this mean?

  • Good trading practices, Technical competence and Good customer services





Brio Carpet Care is an Advanced Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association

  • The NCCA is the only nationally recognized body dedicated to carpet and rug cleaning
  • We have comprehensive insurance covering all surfaces we work upon
  • We've had extensive professional training and have passed their rigorous examinations
  • We follow the NCCA code of practice.



Brio Carpet Care is a CleanSeal Approved Service Provider

  • The CleanSeal certification is a testing and accreditation programme for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets, rugs and other interior textiles made from synthetic fibres  



Brio Carpet Care is one of only a handful of Textile Pro Certified companies in the UK. 


What does this mean?

  • Brio Carpet Care has been through an intensive 6 months training program on oriental rug care with the prestigious US Textile Pro Network 



Brio Carpet Care is a WoolSafe Approved Fibre Care Specialist


  • Our WoolSafe Membership Number is E119 347
  • This means that we have successfully completed the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training course and passed the WoolSafe rigurous examination.


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